Fitness Band Safety Tips & Upkeep

Fitness Band Safety Tips & Upkeep

Resistance bands can break down over time due to normal wear and tear from use. It is important to inspect resistance bands frequently to ensure they are in safe operating condition. Also, almost all injuries from resistance band exercises come from improper use. Please take the time to read and understand these rules for safe use.


· Never suddenly release a resistance band while stretched/ under tension. A sudden release under tension can cause the band to snap back toward the user and result in significant injury.

· Begin all exercises slowly to ensure band strength and that any anchor points you have chosen are secure enough for your requirements.

· Avoid jerking the band.

· Inspect bands and attachments before every use. Check for cuts, nicks, scratches, cracks, punctures, discoloration, or anything that looks like the band may be weakened in that area. If any flaws are discovered, discard the band immediately, never attempt to repair a damaged band.

· When training do not wear anything with sharp edges such as jewellery, watches or rings. These items can cause micro-tears in bands that will become more severe over time, do not use cleated, spiked, leather soled or other abrasively designed shoes when training with a resistance band as they can also damage the band over time. The soles of your work out shoes should be flat and smooth to avoid any damage by rubbing over the resistance bands.

· Never stretch a resistance band over 2.5 times their length.

· Do not exercise with resistance bands on uneven surfaces or gritty surfaces that may cause abrasions to the band, when anchoring the band make sure that the object you use does not have, sharp, rough or uneven edges.

· Be aware during pulling exercises such as rows or bicep curls that you should never draw the band directly towards your face. You can mitigate potential risk by drawing the band towards the centre of your body or to one side of it or the other depending on the exercise you are performing.

· Wash your hands, chemicals and dirt on your hands can react with the rubber and compromise the integrity of the band over a period of time.

· Resistance bands are not toys and should never be used for any activity other than the specific exercises they were designed for.

Storage and Care of Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can be a great and inexpensive exercise tool, but as with any piece of fitness equipment, proper maintenance is a critical aspect to ensure safe and proper function.

· Clean bands by wiping with a damp cloth (tap water only) then dry them immediately with a clean dry cloth.

· Do not use soap or any cleaning products to clean bands as these can deteriorate the strength of the band.

· Do not store bands near or in direct sunlight.

· Keep stored bands away from heat sources.

· Bands should not be stored outside or in excessively hot or cold environments.

· Do not fold your bands at acute angles during training or storage, this repeated behavior can cause fissures in the material.

· Remove any accessories from the band such as carabiners, handles or door anchors before storing the band as they can damage the band if left on indefinitely.

· Do not leave the band stretched/ under tension when not in use, this includes leaving it tied around any anchors you may have been using with the band.

· Keep the nails on your hands and feet well trimmed in order to avoid causing damage to the bands over time.

· Resistance bands are made from natural rubber and over the course of a few years of continuous use can become dry and potentially brittle. It is a good idea to apply a good rubber lubricant every few months to extend your band’s shelf-life.


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